It was another busy year at the vineyard !        Thank you to the many that came and enjoyed our Friday Nite Suppers and we plan to continue and hopefully do a few more next year.    One of the High-lites of the year was our wine event introducing some of the new wines the Petite Pearl,  2-1-17, and 1-1-34.   The last 2 are experimental and don't have a name but all 3 have a great potential of becoming a variety to grow in the future.  We have over 200 Petite Pearls in the ground and will be propagating some 2-1-17 this winter in the green house.
The Grapes survived the long cold winter with the exception of the Louise Swenson which died to the ground.    I have since decided to take them all out and replant next spring into something new.    The Grape production was down compared to last year but we should have enough wine to satisfy our needs.     Most of the juice is now in cold storage but some of the reds have been fermented on the skins.    A small amount of Frontenac and Marquette's were delivered to Wolf Creek Winery and Bear Creek Winery to be made into a more full body, semi-dry wine.    It will be interesting to see how they turnout and if you would like to be included in our wine tasting event next summer, please call, text or email me to get on the list.

What's left ?

Our Ice Wine Grapes have been netted and now are completely frozen .....the plan is to pick in the next couple of weeks when we get a day about 20 and no wind .     Rodney