Dear Folks :

Another interesting winter.    How well will our vines survive the below zero temperatures has yet to be determined.    Hopefully in the next week or so I plan to crawl over the snowbanks into the vineyard and take a few samples.
The plans for another year of our Friday Nite Suppers are now on the website....and Sueann and Gabe will be ready to open the Coffee shop in May.    This they will be open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.    Then Friday April 29th we will have our first supper.     

Also NEW this year is the RV Park, which is scheduled to open on June 1st.   With 14 sites. 
With last years record harvest we shouldn't run out of wine.   Susan and I will do a wine tasting at the winery in Colfax on Sunday.   

We expect another busy summer in the vineyard, we have 125 vines to replant King of the North and Sabrevois.  We also have many trees to plant around the vineyard and RV Park along with two rows of new plantings.
Hope to see you this summer.     
Rodney & Susan