It's been a great summer here at the's been a little dry but it didn't seem to affect the grapes.    Our crop this year is looking good and if we miss the fall thunderstorms with no hail it could exceed last years.    We tested all the varieties on Saturday and it showed we should wait another week before we harvest.    So our plan is to start picking on Wednesday the 27th and continue through the weekend.     According to the tests, it's looks like the Frontenac 200 vines will be the 1st to pick and then the Frontenac Gris 600 vines.    Some of the Frontenac Gris in the South Vineyard got hit with Dicamba in early June, which it appears the will be a reduction in yield    The North Frontenac Gris look much better.     We will continue to test though the week to see if our numbers change on the sugar content and PH levels.    So it anyone wants to come out and help with this years harvest please let me know what days you would be available.    We will provide food and refreshments....and a bottle of wine.   You can text me on my cell at 701-238-3337.    

Thank You     Rod