It's hard to believe that 14 years ago I was in search of grape vines to plant.   In the spring of 2003 I was trying to chose what site would work best for growing grapes as to the slope of the land and also trees that would give us some wind protection.    The area I picked became our north vineyard and as I measured and staked the vineyard area I thought wow ....these 5 acres would be a big garden and I wondered how many times I would be walking up and down each row in the coming years.      I'm glad I picked the area I did, which in 2007 gave me the option of starting another vineyard  to the south.  I'm glad I started when I did ,  I have learned a lot with the help of NDSU, visiting other vineyards in the tri-state area and also in the Oregon and California.  It's been quit an education, but I enjoyed the trip!
Anyway. It's that time of the year , when I'm thinking Pruning !!!!!     Remember a couple of weeks ago with the temps were in the 50's and 60's......and we all thought we are going to have an early spring ....which many of us fruit growers didn't want.......and finally mother nature took over and cooled us all off a bit.     
The end of this week the forecast is for temps in the  60's and 70' I'm sharpening my pruner and heading out and doing a lot of snipping......about 25,000 times I'm guessing.    And we are always looking for help.
This past weekend Susan and I worked in the Tasting Room , getting it ready for another year , making a few changes.    One of the big changes you'll see is that the large screened porch in front, is all screened in and will provide extra space for our Friday Nite Suppers.   AND  this year some Thursday Nite Suppers for the Lake People.     Remember to check the web-site for postings of the suppers....and make sure you make a reservation.....they go quickly.
Our other High-Lite of the year is that our Wolf Creek varieties of Marquette and Frontenac Gris received Bronze Medals in the Finger Lakes Wine  Competition in New York this past winter.    Another wine Sabrevois that was produced at Wolf Creek winery, according  to those that have tasted it, is certainly Gold Worthy and it is included in our "Signature Series".      The Sabrevois is very limited and will be available for a short time only.     The new wine that was produce this year for the  first time is the Crimson Pearl.....and new hybrid developed by Plant Breeder Tom Plocher.   The Crimson Pearl will be sold in half bottles (375ml) and is very limited .      

That's all for now........hope to see you soon at the Vineyard.