The snow is almost gone in the vineyard and the parking lot is drying up a bit.  So, now it's time to think pruning.   The last couple of years I started the end on April and finished around the middle of May.   With the warmer temperatures my plan is to start working in the vineyard next week.....starting on April 23.    I have some netting to take down and wires to tighten before I start to prune and just a day to get ready.    What I could use for help this year, is to have someone to take the cut vines off the trellis.....what that means is....I'll do all the cuts and I just need someone to take the cut canes off and lay them on the ground.

If you want to learn how to prune, I do two different methods, one is cane pruning and the other is spur pruning.   It all depends on the variety and the health of the vine.  On my first walk through the vineyard everything looks like it survived the winter.  The deer and the rabbits didn't do much damage and the weather seemed to cooperate.

So if you are looking to learn about pruning or just want to get outdoors and watch the geese heading north, give me a call and I can give you more details.   

And check out the Summer Supper Schedule, as we are getting bookings already.