Looks like Spring has arrived and we are currently half done with the pruning.     I have the North Vineyard finished and will start of the South Vineyard today.     The south  vineyard are a bit younger and smaller plants and is done on a VSP Trellis so it  will go a lot faster.   All the varieties are looking good after our mild winter and the new Petite Pearls that were planted last year are looking good.     The Petite Pearl takes longer to get established and to produce fruit,  I'm thinking 4 to 5 years.      This year we will be planting a new variety from Tom Plocher call 2-1-17 and hopefully will get named soon.   We will also be planting another experimental from Tom in the North Vineyard.     

South of the South Vineyard we will be starting to plant apple trees.   We will be planting 20 trees and see how they grow.    We also purchase 75 various trees from the Soil Conservation Service to replace some of the trees in the grove around the vineyard.      I will start working on the Hops next week .    This past winter I visited a Hop Farmer in Oregon......so this year I will try and do things the right way....you will have to come and check them out this summer.       

Our first Friday Nite Supper will be on Saturday the 23rd (Italian Nite).     And we will post soon the schedule for the rest of year, on the website or on our Facebook page.    Some of our wines will be new and are in the bottle, getting happy.