Hello Friends,

Just a quick update on what's happening at the Red Trail Vineyard.

All the vines have been pruned and they have began to pop their buds.  One of the first things out are the new baby grapes and soon they will bloom and start their journey to becoming wine.

Baby grapes budding out

We finished fertilizing the north vineyard and will now start our process of burning down the weeds.  Burning the weeds is done with a special solution of organic ingredients that is sprayed on the weeds which burns off the waxy cuticle that protects the weeds cells from losing water. Also, as soon as the ground dries a little more we will began to plant more Petite Pearl vines and build more trellis.

Fertilizing Frontenac vines

Friday Nite suppers began with Juicy Lucy's, a favorite for many.  Watch the website for upcoming dates for our suppers. Click here for more info.

New wines for this year include the Red Trail White and an all-new St. Croix with a little different favor. Our Alpha Rose, made with King of The North grapes, is back again and continues to be one of the most popular wines.  Also, you'll find Marquette and Red Trail Red.

The hops we planted a few years ago now have a 10 foot trellis system to grow on this year. We are looking forward to a big crop of Cascade and Willamette varieties and the tasty beer they will help flavor!

Rod installing wire on the 10 ft. hops trellis

Mike hanging twine on the hops trellis
We welcome you to take a quick drive out to Buffalo, only 30 minutes from Fargo. Pack a picnic and enjoy a bottle of Red Trail Vineyard wine!