As spring came early and summer is right around the corner we have been seeing more die back in our vines.     I thought because of the nice winter that this year we wouldn't see any vines die.    But that wasn't the case and currentlywe are experiencing a 50% loss of our vines for this year.      Our Marquette'sPrairie Star, Louise Swenson, St Croix, St. Pepin and Summerset Seedless have all died back to the ground.    They are now beginning to grow from the root.   So that means we will lose the crop this year but hopefully have a crop next year.    It also will make for more work this summer as all the vines will have to be trained up on the trellis.   
Our new wine Petite Rose is now at the vineyard tasting room and is very limited.    This wine comes from our Petite Pearl grape that was planted in our test plot in 2005, very limited and is sold in half bottles.    We will also have a limited supply of our 2009 wines and the 2010 wine will soon be available in the NEW screw tops.       If you want to plan a reunion, birthday party, wedding or any other event, give us a call at the vineyard.      AND save the date.....Aug 18th...... the 7th Annual Grape Harvest Festival.....(Bluegrass, Wine & Grape Stomp).