Juicy Lucy Night was our grand opening for our Friday Night Special at the vineyard. And it was a smashing success! JuicyLucy's (made to order stuffed burgers) paired with Hogen's Famous Potato Salad won our guests over.  And of course a little surprise dessert didn't hurt either!  Thanks to all who attended. :)

So the question we were asked quiteften was, "Is this something you'll be doing every Friday?".  Well, it's something we'll be doing most Friday's, as our hectic schedule allows.  So make sure you check out the website or Facebook for updates.

Our next Friday Night Special will be June 22nd - "Mexi-Night".  On the menu, taco's & enchilada's.  Dinner seating's at 5:00 & 7:00. Please RSVP by calling 701-238-3337 or online here.

If you looking for a unique setting paired with great food & wine, join us!