OK, did I miss spring ?    It seems that way with the many cold rainy days!   The good news is the forecast for a week for sunshine with temperatures in the 60's and 70's.
Our vines will be budding a little later this year but sometimes that not bad because the chance of a  frost is less as we start the end of May.  The vineyard is now all pruned and buds are starting to swell and soon will open. 

I finished spraying Roundup in the rows and spraying around the Tasting Room with 2-4-D for dandelions.  For the summer we will switch to a product called Rely.   It's safe and won't hurt the vines.    With the rainy weather the grass is growing fast    I try and wait and let the grass grow so when we mow we throw all the grass clippings is the row.

We have been chosen to be featured in the Farm and Ranch Guide in the Producer Progress Report every two weeks throughout the year.   So check it out.     We will try and get it up on the website.  

Remember we open the tasting room on Memorial Weekend.    Enjoy the Sunshine!