It's September already!   What a busy year it has been.     The grapes decided to bud a little earlier than normal and almost to early, as we had a late may frost, but they survived and throughout the summer it looked like our production would hit a new high.     But on August 14th we got hit by a hail storm that took out about 40% of the crop.    We are still looking forward to a good crop but it could have been better.    Oh well     Maybe next year !        Yesterday I tested the valiant, which will be our earliest to harvest and the brix was only 16,  I was surprised because they tasted sweeter.    So, it will depend on the weather the rest of month to determined the time to harvest.  The past week the birds have become a problem and I have a full time job chasing them and busy keeping the 4 boomer going.    I did net some also, but they still somehow manage to damage the grapes.
Our Friday Nite Suppers have continued to be a big hit, as our reservations fill up fast, as people come out to enjoy the vineyard and great food.    Our September Suppers are sold out except for the Last Supper which will be Sept 25.  For more info go here: Last Supper.

The harvest will soon be here and we invited you to join us anytime to see how we start the process of producing wine.    This year our production will be going to Uncorked in Fargo and also Wolf Creek Winery in Coleharbor. 
Thanks again for your support.     Rodney