The annual conference & meeting of the North Dakota Grape Growers Association was held in Bismarck this past weekend. My personal opinion, it was the best meeting we've had to date. I really learned a lot from the info that was shared and the wines were nummo as well. Many other members stated the same.

Some of the highlights included: Tami & Kim Bredeson from the Carlos Creek Winery sharing their knowledge, classes on wine making, trellis materials for the vineyard, and winery licensing.  Rod Ballinger from Bear Creek Winery - Fargo, gave the group an update on HB1340 that's making it's way through the ND Legislature.  Representatives from NDSU presented their research on grape vines & breeding that's taken place in the last year. Huge thank you's to NDSU for their research work. Also, Ag Commissioner Doug Goehring spoke to our association on a few items, including grape agriculture and what it means to the State of ND.  Thanks to Commissioner Goehring for your support!

The evening closed with our 5:00 wine tasting of over 50 different wines and finally dinner provided by The Doublewood Inn.  Congrats to Paul Anderson being voted our new President of the NDGGA and a huge thank you to Greg Krieger for his hard work as our President the last three years!

If you are interested in joining our association, please visit the NDGGA website at: