I thought winter was over until this morning and we had to get out the shovels and clean off the drive. Rats!  Maybe next week?

We enjoyed our trip to the Cold Climate Conference held in Minneapolis this past weekend.  Many interesting meetings on marketing, wine making and grape growing.

This week we will start fermenting our Red Trail White. This white will again be a blend of our Louise Swenson, La Crescent, and Prairie Star.  We will also start our last batch of Marquette's from the 2010 harvest. Then it is time to age.

What's new this year?  Well, some of our wines will be screw tops.  I have been looking forward to the change and it will make it much more convenient for our customers to open their favorite bottle of Red Trail. Look for the new bottles this summer.
For those of you who enjoyed our Winter Wine I will keep you posted on when that will be available. It will be a limited production again this year and we will have a limit of two bottles per person.

On my last trip to the vineyard all the vines were still smiling and glad the temperature stayed above minus 25 degrees this winter.  Sounds silly, but that's how hardy our vines are here in North Dakota.