It's spring and the pruning has begun!  Last week my son Darin and I spent a couple of days pruning and we are about half done.  All of the Frontenac Gris are pruned and only a few of the Marquette's are left.  Both varieties survived another winter in good shape and we lost less than 1%.  Darin and I also pruned the Frontenac Gris in the gofer vineyard and also started on the King of the North.   

Darin who has lived in the Wine Country of Oregon for the past 14 years was a fast learner when it came to spur pruning but had a challenge when it came to cane pruning. Below is an image that details the difference in spur & cane pruning.

So the call is out....if anyone would like to learn the art of pruning grape vines, give me a call.   

"Pruners Always Welcome"